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The healthy, natural alternative to chemical timber treatment

Macrocarpa Woodwax can be applied on all furniture, table tops, wooden floors, wooden toys and also on shoes and leather gear.

Timber can be oiled first. When the oil is absorbed (the wood dry to touch), apply Macrocarpa Woodwax thinly and polish with a woollen cloth. For better water protection (e.g. on table tops) it is better not to use oil but to wax the surface more often.

For good water protection (e g. on table tops ) apply several times.
The ancient rule is:

This can be sped up by warming up the timber (e.g. using a hot air gun). The wax penetrates the surface of the warm timber especially well, and after a few times the wax forms an excellent water protection.

It is important to use our Macrocarpa Woodwax sparingly. Avoid leaving sticky surfaces as they only catch dust. Apply only as much wax as you can polish in.